Introduction & how it works

The USA experiences, in common with most western democracies, an increasingly complicated society. It is therefore no surprise that the legal system across the country gets clogged up, especially where it regards civil and common law areas. The waiting time for trial can be anywhere from six months to three years or longer. Suggested reading : The Litigation Process.  Even Small Claims Courts in the USA which provide a resolution for simple cases will take you the better part of a year to go through the entire Small Claims Court process i.e have your trial and get judgement. Collecting adds further delay and is an entirely different story, it is by no means the easiest undertaking both in terms of additional expense and duration.

Apart from the unacceptable time it takes to find judgement in regular government courts, the actual litigation process also adds a mystique for many people and makes the entire process through the traditional courts a very frustrating and intimidating experience to the layperson.

In recognition to above, e-Court has been introduced to provide competent, affordable, simple and speedy justice for everyone. e-Court also provides an uniform litigation system throughout Canada without the need to understand the pecularities existing in each provincial legislative system. We encourage you to read about e-Court in the following pages. You shall not be dissappointed. Join e-Court with the knowledge that legal justice is rendered with prior knowledge of expense and duration.

How it works:
A private person or company can not start a case on e-Court without the assistance of a legal professional. The Service desk can refer you/your organization to a Lawyer, Barrister, Sollicitor or Attorney registered with e-Court. When choosing your own legal professional make certain your council registers with e-Court.

Once legal representation is selected, your dispute can be submitted to an expert & impartial e-Court judge for arbitration. And all that in five easy steps and just in six weeks !

Steps to follow :

  1. You/your company select a legal professional. We can suggest suitable representation,
    check with the Service Desk or send an email via
  2. Your council registers with e-Court, if not already done before
  3. Your council invites the other party in the dispute.  Click here for a demo
  4. The procedure starts.  Click here for a demo
  5. Within six weeks the official litigated decision is sent to legal council of both parties.

e-Court is quick, easy and inexpensive.  We regularly inform you about the progress via email but full information is always available via this website.  Click here for additional information about the standard procedure.

If you do not agree with e-court's decision after having previously used the standard procedure, you can always decide to appeal. This procedure takes four weeks, hence the total procedure from start to finish will lasts no longer than ten weeks.  Click here for further information about the appeal process.


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