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e-Court - the first online court in the USA

Internet Arbitration/Conflict Resolution in the USA
e-Court will re-shape the future of American litigation
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According to Webster dictionary a court is "an official assembly for the transaction of judicial business". Case law means "law established by judicial decision" A judge is "a person who speaks right." The terms 'court' and 'judge' and 'right' and 'litigation' are not legally protected. Nobody has the exclusive right to the use of those words. Click image. envelope

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why does e-Court calls itself a court?

On the basis of the following eCourt is referred as a private court: 1. A transparent, predictable adversarial proceeding; 2. Competent and experienced professional judges; 3. Reliable and impartial judges; 4. An affordable procedure, including the legal costs of legal aid; 5. A binding verdict.

Is there any likelihood of confusion with the name court?

Between the traditional name "court" and e-Court court there can be no confusion. e-Court stresses where possible it is not a public court, but a private foundation. Lawyers and legal advisers of the conflicting parties because of their training are in a position to clarify the difference and inform their clients as such, if deemed necessary.

Is e-Court a real court?

Yes, e-Court is a real, albeit a private court.e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable, speedy and fully transparent justice. e-Court offers a predictable process and a binding verdict. e-Court is not a government institution. The basis for e-Court is Article 16:970 of the civil code.

Is the verdict is legally binding?

Yes, it is. The verdict of e-Court is based on contract principles ( e.g. binding arbitration ). Furthermore, with a defendant resident in e.g. Louisiana, Scotland and Quebec the verdict is even enforceable. Here, parties receive a notarized & certified copy of the ruling. Article 433a states that: "Certified copies of a ruling , past deeds and other by law enforceable instruments are appropriate documents and legally binding."

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