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24th March 2020

No incidents reported

23rd March 2020

Advanced Email Webmail access issues - Basic and Advanced email service

UPDATE - 09:40 AM EST - 24/03/2020

The problem has not fully recovered after last night’s maintenance. For now, email is still being delivered to users inboxes, even if they cannot login at this time. Further updates will be posted here.

UPDATE - 05:20 AM EST - 24/03/2020

The migration appears to be progressing well. A further estimate on the completion time has not yet been made. We will update again once we have this information.

UPDATE - 02:05 AM EST - 24/03/2020

Migration is still ongoing. We'll continue to provide updates as soon as we received them.


The migration of affected users is still ongoing and appears to be progressing well, although no ETA for its completion can be made at this time. A disk issue has been identified as the main cause of the outage, affecting a subset of users. We'll continue to post update as soon as we received them. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused.


Emergency maintenance is still ongoing In order to expedite the migration of the affected users. During the maintenance, users may be unable to access our email services. We will post the updates as we receive.


We are currently having emergency maintenance to bring service back online. Our operation team is still working on the mailstore migration. We will provide updates as we receive them.


Our Ops department is still investigating the issue. The Ops are checking mail stores one at a time to try to mitigate the impact as a whole. Webmail is still down and many users are still unable to login at this time.

We are currently investigating an issue where some Basic/Advanced email users are having issues to access webmail and to login to POP/IMAP at this time. Further, updates will be posted once available.

22nd March 2020

No incidents reported