a legally binding verdict

The verdict of e-Court has the same effect as a verdict of a traditional government and is based on 'contract' law according to Canadian common and civil code legislation. This means that cooperation of the other party can be enforced according to and in which province respective parties reside.

Enforcement of a decision by an e-Court judge can be encouraged in all provinces outside the province of Quebec by awarding the 'plaintiff' an escrow amount ( = 10% of monetary value of a claim ) as prepaid by the 'defendant' party over and above the monetary value of the awarded decision. Moreover, the escrow amount ( = 10% of monetary value of the claim ) following the verdict of e-Court paid by the 'plaintiff' shall be returned to that party at the same time of the e-Court verdict. If the 'defendant' party does not honor the judgement of the e-Court judge, the escrow money pertaining to the 'defendant' party shall be used to pay for the legal representation costs incurred by the 'plaintiff' party to litigate in a traditional government court. Should these monies not fully meet the legal representation costs by the plaintiff party then the claim submitted for judgement by a traditional government court will be in/decreased by a corresponding amount. Similarly, the respective plaintiff shall be allowed full use of any/all documents, evidences, e-court judge decision in the preparation of his/her case when submitting to the government court. Enforcement of the verdict in a traditional government court shall become possible via an appointed bailiff.

Enforcement of a decision by an e-Court judge with respect to a defendant residing in Quebec can be legally enforced through a specially designed notarial deed based on the Quebec civil code. This also means that if you choose an e-Court procedure the corridors to the traditional Quebec government courts are not open anymore. e-Court contains clear contractual restrictions, where parties clearly have opted for e-Court justice and have given up their litigation possibilities including appeals through Quebec government courts.

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