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Ottawa, July 2013
" Forces transforming the legal industry promise the emergence of new models that will allow clients to reap huge efficiencies, but at the expense of law firms that fail to adapt" - Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services by Richard Susskind OBE. Furthermore read: https://e-court.ca/Heal.pdf 
The USA experiences, in common with most western democracies, an increasingly complicated society. It is therefore no surprise that the legal system across the country gets clogged up, especially where it regards civil and common law areas. In recognition, e-Court, https://e-court.us has been introduced to provide competent, affordable, simple, speedy, secure and transparent justice for everyone.
e-Court also provides an uniform litigation system throughout the USA without the need to understand the peculiarities existing in each State legislative system. With e-Court legal justice is rendered with prior knowledge of expense and duration. It is expected that e-Court during its first six months of operations is capable to handle a minimum of #10,000 cases at any one time, with at least #200,000 cases at full maturity.
e-Court is so groundbreaking that one expects immediate discussions, first among the lawyers as to how e-Court's legal techniques can be realized within current traditional practices. We envisage traditional "first tier" law practices to normally continue alongside a newly organization aimed specifically to address the issues of e-Court. This organization named ADRPartners, http://adrpartners.us consists predominantly out of members of the USA legal community. It's purpose is to administer the activities of e-Court on a cost/proft sharing base.
ADRPartners/e-Court are currently exploring contacts with forward looking, socially and Internet savvy legal communities in the USA to create an innovative internet "arbitration" niche through e-Court, https://e-court.us. As such we are interested in mutually attractive business arrangements with organizations like yours. At this stage we are open to all innovative ideas and we especially welcome yours.
Thusfar we developed a preliminary e-Court website for the end-user, https://e-court.us  and established e-Court.us Legal Services LLC., a Delaware US company. In our database we included not just managing professionals in notable law firms as Heenan Blaikie, McCarthy Tetrault, Miller Thomson, McLeod & Company, Cassels Brock & Blackwell, but also professionals in the small & boutique law firms. We welcome your participation as well.
When you have a minute we kindly request you consider joining ADRPartners in the USA http://adrpartners.us  If this is of interest please register via https://e-court.us.com/registration/index.php 
Huibert.H.W. Arnold, Owner & President of ADRPartners
e-Court.us Legal Services LLC.
email: info@e-court.us  &  info@adrpartners.us & Tel: 6137618625
During the month of July we approach the Canadian legal community in most provinces. Each of the first of a minimum of 1000 newly paid members registered during mentioned period, in each province, will be added to a lottery, audited & supervised by the firm of Coopers & Lybrand, CA chartered accountants, from which one person in each province, during September 2013 will be declared winner. This person will receive a brand new 2014 KIA Sorento car together with the vanity number plate ECOURT-1 ( when available - the plate is for sole use by the car owner but remains property of e-Court ). See Picture https://e-court.ca/images/ecourtcar.jpg. Multiple registrations by one legal firm are accepted - follow link via https://e-court.us.com/registration/index.php