Cairns "Offline" Networking Get-ToGether ( for e-Court members only)

Cairns	 May 2014 get-together!
The meeting facility in Cairns

     e-Court Cairns	 2014 get-together!
      A free social drink & snacks afterwards ?

Cairns 2014, Australia

Dear Members,

Our Networking events in 2014 will be held from 17.00pm onwards at a suitable venue ( with easy car parking facilities ) downtown Zwolle. Details of whereabouts will be emailed to all registered Cairns e-Court members approx. two days prior the event. The benefits of the get together are many such as : Get to know like-minded people in your city. Receive valuable tips and help about legal issues of immediate concern. Trusted tips in local forums and from legal member professionals attending the networking events. Foremost, you can address all your questions you may have about the Online Arbitration process. View also Benefits.

Summer is just around the corner! Come and enjoy excellent company with good snacks and drinks with your fellow e-Court members and other "specially invited" guest speaker(s).

Please do not forget to register for this event by sending us an email, see below button. Remember the event is for Members only. We require to know about your attendance a minimum of two days before the event takes place to properly organize the facilities and catering.

Hope you will join us. Au plaisir de vous y retrouver! Huibert.H.W.Arnold, e-Court coordinator in Cairns

Live the e-Court spirit : Nobody stands alone!

For many guests, it will be the first e-Court event; quite a few people will arrive on their own and/or from out-of-town. Please help make them feel welcome. If you see someone alone in a corner, it would be great if you introduce them to your friends. In this way, we can share the spirit in connecting like minded people, and everyone will have a lovely time. Thanks!

Please note: We are currently looking for a Co-Coordinator for the Cairns Community! If you are interested, please feel free to approach Huibert during the event or apply directly at

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Please send us an email if you wish further information. Click. envelope

29 Attendees for the next event

What is e-Court all about? Legal Services International Inc.( hereafter referred as e-Court ) is an independent group of experienced professionals like (former) lawyers, barristers, solicitors or attorneys, judges, university professors, industry and other legal interest groups. e-Court aims to provide competent, affordable, secure, transparent and speedy justice for everyone. e-Court also provides an uniform litigation system throughout Australia without the need to understand the peculiarities existing in each provincial legislative system.

Labor disputes and other civil disputes between businesses and/or individuals can be submitted to a real Internet court. The new private court, which is called e-Court, guarantees ruling within six weeks after notification of the case. The verdict of e-Court is based on contract principles ( e.g binding arbitration ). View also a legally binding verdict. e-Court cases take no more than six weeks (excluding any appeal of four weeks). This makes the process to cost much less than ordinary courts, which to obtain a ruling in Australia take on average between 70-90 weeks. Moreover, private individuals and businesses agree upfront with their attorneys the maximum period in advance and total costs. This will ensure that e-Court does not result in financial surprises. It is important to note that e-Court is extremely flexible because the individual or company can start a case using e-Court with/without the assistance of a legal professional. In many situations the claimant and/or defendant feel they wish to avoid legal expenses and obtain justice without expenses from legal counsel. See also How we work

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The End of Lawyers? picks up where The Future of Law left off. In simple terms, Susskinds message is that the legal profession is on the brink of a fundamental transformation. This transformation is being driven by two irresistible forces: the commoditization of legal services and the IT revolution.

Commoditization refers to the evolutionary pull of the law toward greater standardization, systemization and packaging, in contrast to the more traditional model of lawyer as personal adviser (what Susskind refers to as bespoke services). The IT revolution is transformative because disruptive technologies such as automated document assembly, online legal guidance and legal open-sourcing are allowing clients to by-pass the lawyer as intermediary.

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e-Court Legal Services Int'l Inc. provides the infrastructure for our members to organize Social events. The organizer(s) do not represent e-Court as vicarious agents. Therefore, e-Court does not accept any legal responsibility for damages resulting from the gross negligence of the organizer(s). Furthermore, neither e-Court nor the organizer(s) of this Event shall assume liability for any loss of personal property. Nor shall they be held responsible in the event of financial, physical, or emotional damage.

                                              ( Panoramic view of Cairns , Australia )

rEvent Date

Start time: 17:00 onwards
Socials are being held each month, except during July and December when no events take place.

rEvent Location

To be announced via email to all Cairns e-Court members. The venue will be suitably located down town Cairns with adequate parking facilities

rYour Hosts:

Huibert.H.W.Arnold e-Court Coordinator for Cairns

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